About the Project

What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is Harrisburg’s strategy to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the city within 10 years. Vision Zero strategies are in use around the country and around the world. In Harrisburg, Vision Zero is a city-wide program that focuses on safety for all road users: those who walk, ride bicycles, ride the bus, and drive in cars.

Vision Zero kicks off with the first in a series of “rapid response” projects, this one on State Street, that will address hot spots in the Harrisburg street network. The Vision Zero planning process will produce a city-wide Vision Zero policy that includes an action plan and schedule for implementation.

When Does Vision Zero Start and End?

Mayor Papenfuse kicked off Vision Zero Harrisburg in May 2018. The Vision Zero plan is expected to be completed in 6-8 months, and will be implemented in phases beginning in 2018 and continuing through 2028.

What is Included in Vision Zero?

Following intensive public input starting at the neighborhood level, the Vision Zero Harrisburg planning team will produce an action plan with policy, program, and road design recommendations to improve safety for all users of Harrisburg streets. Together with the public, city officials will examine existing roadway conditions, note road user behavior patterns, and review city accident data.

This data, along with direct surveys from Harrisburg residents and other road users, will be used in a community workshop where the public can help to create change in road design and road user behavior. The planning process will consider such things as changes in: policy, road design, and local ordinances, as well as educational programs and targeted enforcement. Some changes may be implemented quickly. All parts of the process will begin with opportunities for community input that will continue throughout.

Why is Harrisburg Creating a Vision Zero Plan?

Vision Zero is used by cities around the world to reduce and eliminate serious injuries and deaths on local roadways. In Harrisburg, Vision Zero is responding to an increasing number of serious accidents, including fatalities, on Harrisburg roadways.

Where is the Study Focused?

The first phase of the study takes place this summer with a “rapid response” project on State Street. The overall Vision Zero plan will include all of Harrisburg, as well as additional “rapid response” projects on other streets.

How Can I Stay In Touch with Vision Zero Harrisburg?

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