The City of Harrisburg’s Vision Zero program encompasses a number of important transportation and public space improvement projects. This page will be updated as projects take shape and as new projects are added.

Main Projects

State Street Rapid Response

In the past two years, four pedestrians have been killed trying to cross State Street, with many other serious injuries city-wide. The “rapid response” project will make physical and operational changes to State Street, at the same time as the City develops a City-wide Vision Zero plan with the input of residents and community members.

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2nd Street Two-Way Conversion

Work to convert N 2nd Street between Division Street and Forster Street to two-way operations has been underway since early 2018. The City of Harrisburg has invited the public to participate in an interactive meeting and community survey to develop a vision for the future of N 2nd Street.

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Additional Projects

Division Street Bridge Study

A project is currently underway to study the proposed Division Street Bridge that will link Uptown Harrisburg with HACC and the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Division Street Bridge Alternatives (PDF, 1.7 MB)

MulDer Square Intersection Improvements

This project will construct a mini-roundabout at the intersection Mulberry Street and Derry Street to serve as a gateway to the Allison Hill Community. This intersection is within Harrisburg’s Vision Zero High Injury Network. In addition to the traffic calming effects of the roundabout, other improvements that meet the Vision Zero initiative include complain curb ramps, a raised crosswalk, sidewalk bulb-outs that shorten pedestrian crossing lengths, and improved intersection lighting. Construction is currently scheduled for 2020.

MulDer Square Package (PDF, 2.3 MB)

Front Street-Forster Street Improvement Concept

This project will revise the configuration of the intersection of Front Street and Forster Street by removing the unnecessary slip lane from the bridge to Front Street. This intersection falls within Harrisburg’s Vision Zero High Injury Network. Removing this slip lane will shorten pedestrian crossings on the west side of the intersection. The project will also add complaint curb ramps with detectable warning surfaces and pedestrian push buttons to all curb ramps. Other potential improvements include additional sidewalk bulb-outs in the north east and south east side of the intersection and pedestrian median refuges on Forster Street.

Front Street-Forster Street Package (PDF, 1.1 MB)

7th Street Reconstruction

This project will reconstruct 7th Street from Herr Street to Reily Street, which falls on Harrisburg’s Vision Zero High Injury Network. Elements include a large landscaped median on 7th Street, an urban multi-lane roundabout at the intersection Reily Street, a two-way cycle track on the southbound side of 7th Street, a protected intersection at Herr Street, two mid-block pedestrian crossings with raised crosswalks near the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency building, and upgraded transit facilities, such as a floating bus stop. Construction is currently scheduled for Summer of 2019 into Fall of 2020.

7th Street Cycle Track Option (PDF, 3.1 MB)

Market Street-Dewberry Street Raised Intersection

Raised intersections, similar to speed tables, slow traffic at key points in the roadway. This helps pedestrians cross an intersection more safely. The newest raised intersection in the City of Harrisburg will be at the intersection of Market and Dewberry Streets near Strawberry Square.

Market Street-Dewberry Street Raised Intersection Plans (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Berryhill Street-Cameron Street Safety Improvements