2nd Street Two-Way Conversion

Work to convert N 2nd Street between Division Street and Forster Street to two-way operations has been underway since early 2018. The City of Harrisburg has invited the public to participate in an interactive meeting and community survey to develop a vision for the future of N 2nd Street.

Project Activities

  • November 2018: 2nd Street Community Meeting and Workshop
  • December 2018: 2nd Street Community Survey

Initial Analysis & Research

A community meeting and workshop was held on November 7th, 2018 at St@rtup Harrisburg. Over 100 attendees learned about the work that has occurred so far on the possible options for two-way operations along 2nd Street (slide deck linked below), and then participated in a creative design workshop to share their opinions on how best to improve the corridor.

2nd Street Public Workshop Presentation (PDF, 3.4 MB)

Community Survey

From November 21st to December 5th, the City of Harrisburg ran an online survey of residents and other users of N 2nd Street to find out the community’s preferences for the upcoming two-way conversion of the street.

674 people responded to the survey, representing residents of the surrounding community and commuters who use the corridor on a regular basis. Respondents overwhelming asked for improvements to N 2nd Street that will keep pedestrians safe as they walk in the area, and for additional grocery and restaurant options in the neighborhood.

The complete results are available in the document below.

2nd Street Community Survey Results (PDF)