State Street Rapid Response

The City of Harrisburg kicked off Vision Zero in response to serious crashes involving pedestrians, mostly near State Street, as well as an overall goal of improving safety on City streets.

In the past two years, four pedestrians have been killed trying to cross State Street, with many other serious injuries city-wide. The “rapid response” project will make physical and operational changes to State Street, at the same time as the City develops a City-wide Vision Zero plan with the input of residents and community members.

Project Activities

  • May 2018: Kickoff Meeting
  • May 2018: Word in the Burg
  • May 2018: State Street Community Survey
  • June 2018: Mayor’s Task Force Kickoff Meeting
  • June 2018: State Street Community Meeting
  • July 2018: State Street Community Workshop
  • August – October 2018: State Street Initial Improvements and Rapid Response Concept Development
  • November 2018: Mayor’s Task Force Meeting
  • December 2018 – February 2019: Final Design
  • March 2019: Construction Begins

Initial Improvements

The following improvements have already been applied along the State Street corridor. These are quick and easy ways to improve pedestrian safety while more major road improvements are designed and approved.

  • School Zones
    • Installed new street lights at 16th Street, and between 17th and 18th Streets.
    • Painted “School” on travel lanes in advance of school zones.
    • Upgraded School Zone flashers to LED to improve visibility.
  • Traffic Signals
    • Upgraded all signal heads to the new larger standard (12 inches).
    • Installed reflective tape on all signal faces.
    • Installed new pedestrian buttons and signs at 13th Street, 15th Street, and Civil War Drive.
  • Vehicle Speeds
    • Painted speed lines (VASCAR) at 2 locations to assist local speed enforcement.
    • Continuing to deploy speed feedback signs at varying locations along State Street.
  • Pavement Markings
    • Improved pavement markings at Civil War Drive intersection.
  • Trees
    • Tree trimming along the whole of State Street.

Major Road Improvements

The City of Harrisburg and PennDOT are currently considering a range of road design changes that are meant to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety along State Street while maintaining the ability for drivers to access the central and eastern parts of Harrisburg.

These PDF documents give the background on the State Street project, show the research to date, and offer some possible road configurations that are currently under study. NOTE: Designs are subject to change.

City of Harrisburg-PennDOT Partnering Meeting Presentation (PDF, 5.4 MB)
State Street Concept Map (PDF, 7.9 MB)